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It takes an eternal person to sufficiently bear an eternal weight of punishment, that which is due for a persons sin. That is why the whole substitutionary atonement thing is critical. God credits the righteousness of Christ to believers on account of their faith hair extensions, instead of their good deeds which could never truly […]

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Despite the threat lingering in the background no one really believed it would happen. Surely the world's best and most winning cycling team would be able to find a new sponsor to replace the departing HTC? Unfortunately that didn't turn out to be the case for Bob Stapleton and Highroad Sports as 2011 marked the […]

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The University recently launched three new pilot sustainability programs. The first aims to lower the amount of paper used by the Mailman School of Public Health and Facilities and Operations, by considering changes in behavior, technology and campus protocols cheap jordans, such as requiring double sided printing or shifting to virtual meetings. Another will examine […]